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Dr. Lirnyk's clinic
100-b, Kyrovogradska str.,
Kyiv, 03069 Ukraine
Phone: +38 (044) 527-79-86,
527-79-87. Fax: 527-79-88

Health is the main benefit of life.

In the life of every human being there are major and minor things, but we believe that health is the top priority. Although given to us from heaven, it takes much effort and work on our part to maintain. Often one must seek help from doctors.

I have dedicated the major part of my conscious life to medicine seeing my calling and mission in helping patients. My 25 years of work has resulted in the creation of The Clinic of Vascular Pathology.

Treatment provided in our clinic is based on implementation of the most up-to-date and effective methods, promoting normalization of organ and system dysfunctions caused by vascular diseases. Despite being a vascular surgeon, I always recommend the use of pharmacological and instrumental treatment and surgical procedures only when necessary.

Take care of yourself, practice prevention, have treatment if needed and stay healthy!