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Vascular Pathology ClinicDoctor Sergey Vylenovych Lirnyk is a successful general practician and one of the leading vascular surgeons. Being greatly devoted to the profession, to the business of all his life, Sergey Vylenovych has achieved prominent success in vascular surgery. Thanks to his unique method of treatment a lot of his patients have been cured and enjoyed healthy life.

After graduating from the National Medical University named after А.А. Bogomolets, Lirnyk Sergey took an internship course at the Hospital Surgery Department of the National Medical University named after А.А. Bogomolets.

Lirnyk SergeyFor a long time doctor Sergey Lirnyk worked in many Kyiv state hospitals in the first-aid and intensive therapy departments, and he had the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in treating patients, who were ill with various, difficult and rare diseases for many years. After graduating from the internship courses, Sergey Vylenovych took the post-graduate course at the Department of Hospital and Operative Surgery at the National Medical University named after А.А. Bogomolets. At the same time he started active treatment of patients with vascular pathology. Summing up experience and excellent knowledge doctor Lirnyk has developed and introduced the unique method of compressive massage into practice. This method of massage of lower extremities has become a successful tool for treating the vein insufficiency. Being a brilliant doctor and thoroughly well educated person Sergey Lirnyk has developed and constructed a device for the compressive massage of lower extremities. Many patients were successfully treated with its help. Further, compressive therapy was successfully applied for correction of body in obesity, lymphostasis and cellulitis.

Vascular Pathology Clinic founded by Doctor Lirnyk offers the complex treatment of all types of the circulatory and lymphatic system diseases to its patients. Among these diseases there are such as:

- varicosity

- thrombosis, thrombophlebitis, post-thrombophlebitis disease

- vasculitis

- obliterative atherosclerosis of lower extremities vessels

- diabetic angiopathy of lower extremities, diabetic foot

- the post-mastectomy syndrome

- lymphostasis of upper and lower extremities

- gravitational ulcers of lower extremities of different genesis, etc.

Alongside with treatment the complex of procedures of body correction and rehabilitation after aesthetic surgery (liposuction) is provided.

The clinic uses the most advanced and reliable techniques, equipment and methods of work with patients depending on every individual case. We adhere to the individual approach to every patient, in fact, everybody is unique.